Tuesday, August 19, 2008

election promise

I like the new candidate obama and want to see him try to clean up some of the grift and graft in Washington. Good luck. Hope is his election buzzword. Does raising taxes historically bring Hope for a better economy? How bout just closing gaping loopholes like republican Phil Graham helped create for energy for his buds at Enron. Hope. I have not seen the conservatives this much in a dither since Bobby Kennedy. The War hawks and defense spenders and contractors Hope that Obama fails. The religious right Hopes enough see him as a Muslim. The lower classes Hope for some redistribution in the form of a windfall tax from the earners to them. I Hope as well. What have I seen for the last 30 plus years (Reagan, son of God of the republicans included). Horrid trade deals and the crippling of many american industries as the NEW "captains of industry" rush to the country with the cheapest labor, cheating and defrauding in the S&Ls( John "boy Scout" McKain was a storied member of the Keating 5), changing laws regarding corporate trusts that kept back the flood of corporate trakeovers since TR( thanks Ronnie) which led to "Wall Street" robber barons stealing peoples life savings and retirements as they were included in the assets of the merged company. Hope Obama changes that back. WE had wall street funny accounting and book cooking that grifted, thanks for declawing all oversight...hope Obama changes that. WE have enviornmental whackos( the UN) that really only wants to "sell", they have nothing to sell but enviornmental "carbon points" reminicent of indulgences once peddled by the church of Rome in the 1500s as a way to grift from the more affluent economies to redistribute to whom they see fit. Hope Obama doesn't fall for that grift.
But the death of political correctness, becase how are you gonna caricature a black president without the thought police and the Ministry of Truth( Political Correctness) breathing down your neck and painting you with a Scarlett R( racist). Imangine making his ears too big( who decides how big), his nose too wide, his smile too large...they got a tough job ahead as they run against the tide of RightThink.

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