Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have a dirty little secret. I have loved watching pro football since I watched my browns as a nine year old win the 1964 championship, But like a horror movie, the team of my youth, save for a season of the cardiac kids, and Marty Schottenhiemer runs it has been a bleak existance. My sister in laws kids have 5 or 6 teams( whichever one is winning) as their team at laugh at my Browns. I said that is like having 6 wives, who cares if one runs out on you, there is little emotional attachment, but that about sums up fandom in the xbox generation. Anyway, I got bounced from the Browns website for name calling a fan that suggested any deviation from the Joseph Stalin party line makes one a heretic browns fan. here is my rub. We( the Browns owner Randy Lerner, gifted of many dollars but little sense said he was going to hire a top football GM to conduct an exhaustive search for the next head coach...so he rushes at Eric Mangini ( recently fired Jets Coach( whom no one was going to hire as head man) like a fat kid at the first girl that says yes, and another rookie GM, that is FOUR rookie GMs since our return and you wonder why we stink. So I Came up with Manfredo, half Mangini and half his puppet Fredo( I'm gonna learn the casino business")Kokonis is his name. So we dump Winslow, Jones, Davis and Scheaffer, all starters and pay a collection of cast off Jets. Ouch. Maybe i should finally Divorce my browns, they have alienated my affections at every turn, this is the lates.

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