Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earlier, I posted on the Eric Mangini and the new baby GM of my team, the Cleveland Browns and dubbed them Manfredo( comparing the new gm to a Fredo( Godfather fame, a joke rookie gm, the 4rth new GM since thier return in 1999). I was blasting yet another rookie Gm and cringed at the three beans for a cow Kellen Winslow trade. Now the Browns have kicked me off the website for a second time for name calling( It is now a violation to name call our front office). As I see my team descend to the level of AFC Detroit Lions while watching The Steelers and Ravens run like REAL football clubs, I can remember browns i loved watching... and here they are. I only have my memories because the reality is my team is now a nightmare run by fools.

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