Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mangini Madness

Eric Mangini continues to rip apart the Cleveland browns with bad trades. Hs most recent blunder, the Three beans( two more Jets stiffs and a 3rd round pick) for braylon Edwards from a receiving corps made up of rookies and journeymen put an offense that was on life support to flat lining. The recently fired hand picked Toady Kokinis, a buddy whom Mangini threw under the bus, was reported to have said, he first heard of the trade on the radio.
The Lerners( owners of the Browns) have hired four ROOKIE GMs in a row that keeps the team in a Groundhaog Day of football hell. Randy Lerner was quoted( by email he won't actually speak to anyone) that mangini will have a hand in picking the next GM. We are still an expansion team. The Owner has no Clue and the coach is a Power mad fool.

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