Saturday, July 10, 2010

lebron as pan

LeBron Panned Cleveland for the Money and the fame and the NBA needed Lebron in a top TV market not #30 market Cleveland. The NBA has a salary cap, ok don't laugh, but three guys they signed put them over yet some clause or exemption allows them to pay another 8 or so players and still be under the cap? Don't get it? They should be on the Obama Economic Stimulus team
The NBA and Major league baseball both trail the NFL in popularity, and crap like this is why. Small market teams have no chance when the field is tilted to big markets. No revenue sharing and top teams blowing the bank is what the PLAYERS want and fans can stick it. That is why I am an NFL fan and Lebron with his goat horns pranced off and can never go HOME again. Money and fame he will have, respect is what he lost. Yet it is his right, and fans of those sports in small markets need to give the NBA and Baseball their due...and save their money for NFL tickets.

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